​We carry on work with our professional technical staff by complying with our foundation regulations of Microbiology Department in National Food Reference Laboratory (NFRL) Management and by being aware of our responsibility at the area of microbiology that is an important issue at protective public health. While making microbiological analysis of food, our laboratory takes ISO (International Standardization Organization) methods as reference stated in "Turkish Food Codex Microbiological Criteria Regulations which was regenerated in phase with European Union. Our Microbiological Laboratory became accredited by successfully completing 2012 TURKAK accreditation. Our laboratory is actively working Proficiency Test preparation which is one of the most important tasks given to NFRL by our Regulations. Expert staff of the Microbiology Laboratory takes in charge as expert trainer at several domestic trainings (TAIEX, Ministry in-service trainings etc.). As well, our staffs attend routine inspections of public and private laboratories. Besides, our department takes in charge at creation, planning and implementation of projects that would be helpful to industry at food issues. Our laboratory plays a part and presents an opinion at commissions at some legal topics such as law, regulation, procedure and technical inspection of files sent by our Ministry on the purpose of Food Control Laboratory Establishment Permission.