Within departments of NFRL, our duties are to ensure the installation and commissioning of the programs and software of the devices and hardware acquired as a result of the computer, printer and similar information hardware requests of the departments, to follow the usage licenses of the computer and other information hardware, to access, to provide the necessary infrastructure, maintenance and technical support services for the regular flow of information over the internet and intranet, to ensure the security of the institution's network (computer network), to  renew in accordance with technological developments and to log the users' internet logs (log files); to ensure that NFRL's web page is edited, data entry and updating; the provision of USB e-signature tokens for all personnel using e-signature;  to execute in coordination with the Information Technologies Department of General Directorate for preparation and sustainability of the EBYS infrastructure implemented for the use of e-signature drivers and other necessary programs in the settings, installation and installation of e-signature drivers, personnel authorization and troubleshooting, to ensure the smooth operation of corporate e-mail addresses.