Meat and meat products form the major protein source in human nutrition. The accession of our public to healthy and reliable meat and meat products as to all other food supplies is secured by our Ministry's Food Safety policy. According to Turkish Food Codex, 2018/52 numbered Meat, Prepared Meat Mixtures and Meat Products Communique on which is composed in the light of up to date techniques and advances; it is disallowed to mix other tissues except muscle and adipose tissue to fresh meat, minced meat, prepared meat mixtures and meat products. Within this scope, all other tissues / organs except muscle and adipose tissue which are added to these products are characterized as foreign tissues. In addition, which animal species are allowed to be used in these products and which species are allowed to be combined during meat processing is also stated in aforesaid declaration. In our department, foreign tissue determination in meat and meat products analysis is performed according to Turkish Standard TS 13511 numbered "Meat and Meat Products – Laboratory Analysis Methods – Histological Examination" and species identification of meat and meat products analysis is performed by ELISA and Real Time PCR techniques with an in house method. Our department was accredited in "Foreign Tissue Determination (Microscopic Method)" analysis and “Species identification of meat and meat products analysis” by Turkish Accreditation Agency. Training courses for "Foreign Tissue Determination Analysis and Validation" are also provided to our ministry’s laboratories’ or private laboratories' technical staff. In addition, our department is also capable of preparing comparison tests and proficiency tests for laboratories for years which was one of the major assignments given to our National Food Reference Laboratory by our regulations.