​In NFRL Department of Biotechnology and GMO (BGB) the identification of genetically modified organisms and products is an important issue. We carry out our work with specialized technical personnel in this field. In our laboratory, screening of GMO (yes/no), type (event) identification and quantification analysis are performed in accordance with the international standards (ISO) and the European Union Reference Laboratory for GM food and feed validated methods on DNA-based is carried out from feeds, foods and seeds samples. BGB Section have been accredited according to ISO 17025 general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories standard since 2012. Our laboratory is the European Union Reference Laboratory Network of GMO Laboratories (ENGL member since 2010. In this context, it participates in the meetings and proficiency tests organized by ENGL. Our laboratory expert staff give trainings at certain time on "Basic Molecular Techniques Used in GMO Analysis", "GMO Screening Analysis", "GMO Type and Quantity Analysis" and so on. Our department organizes proficiency tests for public and private laboratories conducting GMO. The establishment permit for the purpose of the files that are sent by our ministry performs a Technical Review. Law, statute, regulation, procedure preparation, on issues such as updating the Commission is located, or to express an opinion is our issue. Our department within the General Directorate of GMO is serving as coordinator of the Working Group.